to flatter
   Not from exposure to the sun but from the figurative proximity of your proboscis to the anal area of the object of your sycophancy:
    Hungerford — you missed the beginning but this is a course you can't fail so there is no need for brown-nosing. (Goldman, 1984 — a pupil had been flattering his teacher)
   A brown-noser or brown-nose so acts:
    What a little brown-noser. What do you want from Daddy? (J. Patterson, 1999)
    Unit Two, a cadre of teacher's pets captained by the infamous brownnose Iovescu, sat firmly atop the heap. (Furst, 1988)
   A toady may figuratively replace his nose with his tongue:
    Also his tongue was busy and almost perfectly brown, (de Bernières, 1994, describing an obsequious officer)

How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms. . 2014.

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