to defecate
   Normally of diarrhoea:
    Wharton... once grabbed Percy and scared him so bad that Percy squirted in his pants. (King, 1996)
   The squirts is diarrhoea, and also used as a mild insult, more in the singular than the plural:
    ... a very coarse name, which we can change euphemistically into... squirts. (Vachell, 1934)
   Diarrhoea is also skeet, squit, skitters:
    'Skitters,' I said. 'That'll wait for no man. Run for it. I'll wait.' I dashed for the toilet. (Steinbeck, 1961)
   or the very common squitters, which can also be used as a verb:
    ... the senile Labrador that drools and squitters all over the stairs. (Theroux, 1982)

How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms. . 2014.

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